Puppy Cool




    Please help save puppies from wolves!!!
    Wolves want to take the puppies’ home; puppies need to team up to save themselves.

    ★How to Play★
    - Double click the connected same-color puppies, the more same-color puppies clicked, the higher score.
    - Try to save more puppies, the fewer puppies left, the higher score.
    - Using items helps greatly.

    - Each time you click the connected same-color puppies, you get a score of: puppies *puppies*5
    - Saving 20 puppies = 3 star, 1000 bonus score
    - Saving 15 puppies = 2 star, 500 bonus score
    - Saving 10 puppies = 1 star. 200 bonus score
    - Additional bonus for left puppies: 2000-puppies*puppies*20

    - Each day logon the game; you will be gift a item for free.
    - Prop 1#: undo item, undo the last click
    - Prop 2#: refresh item, shuffle the remaining puppies
    - Prop 3#: exchange item, exchange the nearby puppies’ color
    - Prop 4#: magic item, save a puppy directly

    And there are three special packages, all the above items can be found in the package.