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    *** Songram is a clever extension to the popular puzzle game, Tangram. Thousands of Chinese people over last hundreds of years have played Songram. The magic four wooden pieces tricked many smart people’s mind and challenged human beings for impossibilities. For the first time, we have brought the ancient Chinese game to iPhone. ***

    *** Songram is ON SALE. Now it is $0.99 (was $1.99). With your support, we will continue to enhance the game to increase difficulty level and make it even more fun to play. Stay tuned! ***

    Songram is intuitive and easy to play. All you need to do is to touch each wooden piece with one finger to move, rotate or flip it so that the 4 pieces form the specific shape you select. The correct solution has to contain all the pieces, which may not overlap. Unlike Tangram, Songram play tricks on your visual imagination. Without persistence and patience, it is not easy to solve any puzzle within minutes. Like any brain twister or Lego games, it is an addictive and great family game.

    To make it more challenging, two difficulty levels are provided: Easy and Hard. Once you complete a puzzle with the “Easy” mode, we recommend you should try the same puzzle with the “Hard” mode. You will be surprised to see how hard it will be even with the puzzle you just solved. A lot of fun! Bring it with you when you fly, see your doctor, relax in Starbucks, or visit your in-laws.

    - 100 puzzles to choose from in any order.
    - Easy-to-manipulate large puzzle pieces.
    - Intuitive controlling and playing without looking up help instructions.
    - Two difficulty levels: Easy and Hard.
    - Track the play time. You can even pause the game.
    - Auto-detect and save the solution with the best time.
    - Overlapping warning.
    - Track and restore the solved puzzles.

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