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    Imagine a day in your life when you are no longer affected by what others think or say about you! This game will change you. When I was young, I was called stupid and abused in my own home. Sure, I heard some good comments too, but I didn't know how to discern which comments were actually true. I felt worthless. I carried insecurity into my adulthood, and it hurt my relationships. Like me, throughout your life many people will have their opinions of you. Some will like you. Some will not. It's hard to not feel rejected or unworthy when people turn on you or when you fail. People's opinions and your own opinion of yourself are simply that - opinions! Opinions are subjective, not Truth. When you are a child of God, the only thing that is True about you is what God says about you. Romans 3:4 says "Let God be true, and every man a liar." To help children and adults quickly recognize the difference between someone's opinion, general facts and what is really true, we developed this game: Truth or Trash. Truth is what God says. Trash is anything that He does NOT say. Trash includes facts and opinions. After you have played the game, practice discerning the difference between Truth or Trash in your daily life. For example, assume you or your children were around negative talk. Ask, "What did you hear today that was Truth? What was Trash?" "How do you know?" Before you know it, you all will be able to quickly discern Truth from Trash! As you recognize trash and replace it with truth, words will no longer burden you. As you identify trash in your own life, email us how you have replaced it with God's Truth at

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