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    Published: 2013-12-17, by Peter Warrior.

    Adopt virtual humans and help them to raise a functional family

    • There's irony in it
    • Neat user interface
    • It's quite odd if you think about it
    • It might be odder, tone is too ambivalent

    "Little House on the Prairie simulator"

    If we had to summarize this game in a single sentence, it would be something like "it's like the Sims, but you can't make them make out with each other".

    Yes, this might discourage many potential users, but also be an interesting allure for kids not interested in kisses and adults not interested in kids playing games where kisses and timely pixelations in the shower are involved.

    This doesn't mean this game is free of controversy: some choices aren't ethical at all, and some events and behaviors are openly sexist. Virtual Families are just that, "virtual", and the ending result is a fun and interesting game in its very own way, but perhaps not by the reasons you have in mind. In the end, Virtual Families is a sort of condescending "random sims go to Utah, occupy the haunted house at the end of the town and decide to form a family", a management game ruled by its own rules far from logic and reason.

    It's so odd it must be great to give it a go, and that's surely the reason of more than a million downloads so far. People like to play God, but it's even better if it doesn't make sense at all.

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    Dec 17, 2013


    *Now Downloaded 11 Million Times!! Well played, people!*
    *Whoa! You made us #1 in Simulation! Thanks, we love you people!*

    A note from the developer:

    Hi, and thanks for taking a look at Virtual Families 2! We have been working on it for quite a while, and we’re very happy to be able to finally share this new chapter with everyone.

    Before you skip down to the bullet points and screenshots, let me say a few quick words about this game, and life simulations in general: I love life simulation games. I have always been passionate about designing them, and almost everything that comes out of Last Day of Work is a life sim of some kind. This one, in particular, thrills me so much because it is designed to have a life of its own: unpredictable and so different each time I play it, and each time another player plays it. I love that the story unfolds differently for everyone who plays it, and your experience with the game might be wildly different from your friends’ experience.

    Designing this type of game, however, has its own special challenges. The main challenge is that EVERYTHING in life is a great idea to add to a game like this. There are SO many great ideas, and we simply cannot put them all in at launch. So, while I hope the game captivates you as much as it does us, there will inevitably be things that you feel are missing and you would love to see added (tell us!).

    We plan to update the content in this game. We want to add pets, hidden puzzles, more storyline, more events, tons of new things to buy, and the list goes on and on. We will also continue to tune and deepen all the game's inner workings that control happiness, health, and everything else. While the game has been balanced to be playable for free and without purchasing anything, we hope that you will find something compelling enough in the game to give us support so that we can continue to create fun new updates.

    Enjoy Virtual Families 2! Please visit our Facebook page and our forums to give your own amazing ideas and suggestions, and don’t forget to check in on your little family or they will get very sad. :)

    With sincere gratitude, 
    Arthur Humphrey
    Lead Designer, Last Day of Work

    Virtual Families 2 has all this and more:

    * Adopt a little person and start a family. Make babies and pass the house on to the kids!

    * Train your little people to behave as you wish by praising and scolding them.

    * Your little people will send you messages, thanking, pleading, and praising you for caring for them.

    * Runs in True Real Time. Your little people continue to live, eat, grow, and work when the app is switched off.

    * Your little family is in your time zone! Is it getting dark where you live? Your little family is probably getting ready for bed then...

    * Highly varied, unpredictable game play. No two games run the same. 

    * Make babies. Cure illnesses. Help nurture and guide generations of your family.

    * Restore the house. Finish and fix rooms. Shop and decorate.

    Recommended for people who enjoy Virtual Villagers and other life simulation games!

    Visit our Official Virtual Families site at for instructions, strategy guides, and much more!

    LDW games have been awarded with:

    * Sim Game of the Year – Game Tunnel
    * The Zeebys – Gamezebo
    * Parents Choice Recommended Award
    * iParenting Media Award

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