Melody Toddler Chinese Music Box HD ™

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    Melody Toddler Chinese Music Box HD ™

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    Melody Toddler Chinese Music Box HD ™

    Don’t know what to play in a kids party?

    Top Kids Dance Songs can be your best source for a sure-fire safe playlist for any pre-teen, teen or family event.

    Jackson :
    Thanks for make the app, these all are some of the most popular chinese dance and class songs for kids .
    When they play this and listen chinese song at the same time. its very help to learn Chinese.

    mr usa boy :
    Thank you for make it, perfect song for my child 3rd birthday party. Again thank you todo this.

    Design by Taiwan Well-known picture book Designer

    Very thank u for Hua Yuan Chang Support to screenshots

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    Top Kids Dance Songs DJ Playlist

    Make Airplane
    Old McDonald Had a Farm
    Child Soldier
    Little Bee
    Two Tiger
    Little Star

    Melody Toddler Chinese Music Box ™ Features

    Support to iPhone5 and below iPhone, iPod Touch
    China Toddly Must be Listen
    Exclusive China Style Dynamics UI Design
    Support to iPhone5 include all iOS device
    Each Song provide each Actor For Kid
    Rotation Hypnotize circle UI Design
    high standard UI design, user-friendly intuitive interface
    Remove AD Function
    Retina Display support
    Background Play support
    Restore Purchases support

    Melody Toddler Chinese Music Box ™ How to Use

    Open the App,and place when you listen or sing at a distance of 0.5 ~ 1 meters from the location.

    Nursery rhyme Wiki

    Don’t know what to play in a kids party ?

    Top Kids Dance Songs is geared specially for the teenie poppers (10-14 year old) crowd.

    Here you get a sure and safe playlist for a kids dance party to choose from.

    Lullabies , Lullaby

    The oldest children's songs of which we have records are lullabies , intended to help a child sleep. Lullabies can be found in every human culture.

    The English term lullaby is thought to come from "lu, lu" or "la la" sound made by mothers or nurses to calm children, and "by by" or "bye bye", either another lulling sound, or a term for good night.

    Until the modern era lullabies were usually only recorded incidentally in written sources. The Roman nurses' lullaby, "Lalla, Lalla, Lalla, aut dormi, aut lacta", is recorded in a scholium on Persius and may be the oldest to survive.

    Many medieval English verses associated with the birth of Jesus take the form of a lullaby, including "Lullay, my liking, my dere son, my sweting" and may be versions of contemporary lullabies.

    However, most of those used today date from the 17th century. For example, a well known lullaby such as "Rock-a-bye, baby on a tree top ", cannot be found in records until the late-18th century when it was printed by John Newbery (c. 1765).


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