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    It had been a long time; the zombies were on the brink of extinction due to powerful human weapons.
    However, there had appeared a new mutated zombie race; they looked cute and harmless. At least not unless you are close to them, that is when they show their true nature, which is Eating you!
    No weapons of any kind can destroy them, the invincible zombies soon spread widely, and leaving the world left nothing but zombies!

    Just when the humans were giving up,
    A piano with mystical powers was accidentally discovered in an abandoned church.
    The music played from the piano can kill the zombies fast and simple!
    Hope was once raised again.


    Zombies Killing Instruction Manual:

    1. When zombies get close and ready to attack you, they will become excited, their bodies will glow, their eyes will turn white, this is the moment they lack defense. Use this tip to attack and play the color correspondent piano key as the zombies to kill them.

    2. One thing that needs to mention is, if you cannot play the correct piano color key…the zombies will stop and laugh at you,
    “Ha…you fool, you can’t get me…”

    3. The most important thing is “play faster!”, because zombies can be killed with the correct play of piano keys, no matter if your play speed is right or not.

    4. Collect the zombies’ blood to increase your time limit, adding up to a maximum of 90 seconds.

    5. You need to play the “invisible piano key” in order to kill the purple zombie.

    6. Don’t forget to purchase powerful items in the STORE.


    Game Info:

    This is a piano playing to kill the zombie music game.
    Easy to get started within 10 seconds but high in play durability, this game overrides all music game rules; even players who are not good at music can easily get a grip on.

    In the game, you can easily play world famous music pieces that require with two hands or piano duet in professional version. (Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Pachelbel (Author of “Canon in D”))

    In order to get a high score and play a full music, you must play the correct piano keys to kill more zombies, regardless of the original music rhythm.
    You can play randomly in any speed or change the rhythm of the music; it will easily attract your friends’ attention.

    Along with the number of zombies killed, you can collect the zombies’ blood to increase your each game time limit, enabling you to kill more for a higher score and playing more complete rhythms of the music. The higher your score is, the level of Crown Zombie avatars can be earned.
    Other than this, when a certain number of blood is collected, you are able to unlock new music.

    The items selling in STORE not only help you to achieve a higher score or play more complete music, interesting parts are also included such as,

    Colorful Notes:
    Reduces the chance of playing the wrong rhythm.

    Light Bulb:
    Cover a large number of zombies in the light bulb’s color; you only need to click on the same color correspondent piano key as the zombies to kill them fast.

    Let’s all aim to "Killed the most zombies and get high scores", "Beat friends on Facebook and other world players" and "Play all the music completely"!

    In order to create the best gaming experience, earphones or stereo speakers are recommended.

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