3 Kingdoms Saga




    Three Kingdoms Saga tells the story of the Eastern Han Dynasty where social unrest and peasant uprisings emerged. Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan fought through a series of battles. Their strengths gradually increased to form the Three Kingdoms in China.

    Relive almost all the famous battles during that period. Play the role of Zhuge Lian in Shu, arrange and give orders to soldiers and military commanders alike. Use mysterious skills and the power of nature to lead your army to victory!

    #1 iOS STRATEGY GAME in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan and ranks in the Top 10 in various countries!

    4 FUN GAME MODES: Play the game in adventure (easy), mini game, survival (normal) or nightmare (difficult) mode. There's a mode for everyone - from the casual to the hardcore players.

    RICH HISTORICAL STORY: Every battle in the game is based from true historical story so you get to learn about history and culture while playing.

    GORGEOUS MAGIC VISUALS AND SKILLS: Use the magic powers of wind, rain, thunder and electricity!

    ACHIEVEMENT AND EVALUATION SYSTEM: Share your achievements and high scores with friends through OpenFeint. Do well and you will be awarded the Medal of Honor.


    Check out some of our reviews!
    "Graphics are perfect, sounds are fantastic!" -iApps

    challenging (★★★★★)
    "Not very hard to pass, but challenging to get high scores. " -Player

    Need more practice (★★★★★)
    "A little hard for me to pass, especially last level of each chapter. Still working on!" -Player

    Worth the price (★★★★★)
    "Can’t stop playing. Nightmare mode is really amazing. Seems multi-touch not supported. I try to collect two breads at same time and find it impossible. But that’s OK, still love it." -Player

    Cute (★★★★★)
    "Roles are cute and funny. Every last level of each chapter is a little hard for me. And for the next update, hope it’s able to delete a shooter put by mistake. Thus, it would be perfect." -Player