Clever DinoHD – A Highly Addictive & Fun Jumping Trick Puzzle Game

    Clever DinoHD – A Highly Addictive & Fun Jumping Trick Puzzle Game icon

    Clever DinoHD – A Highly Addictive & Fun Jumping Trick Puzzle Game

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    *****Clever DinoHD is a highly recommended fun learning game for puzzle fans*****

    Unlock All Levels!

    Do you like strategy games which are super entertaining as well as tricky? How about endless hours of entertainment in an amazing puzzle game which exercises your brainpower while having fun? Do you want to involve yourself in an incredible jumping brainteaser game which is jammed-packed with lots of features? Then what are you waiting for?

    Try out this extremely addictive jump game which offers you lots of exciting features and nonstop enjoyment with awesome graphics and striking gameplay. It is designed with the fascinating backdrop of snow, ice and glacier. It’s an amazingly fun and captivating game for all age groups.

    How to Play:

    The mechanics of this adorable strategy game is super simple yet fabulously exciting. The aim of the game is to never let the Dino jump out of the ice pond! You can do this by thinking ahead and narrowing down the number of ice pads by tapping ice. Once you trap the dinosaur, you win the game and you proceed to next level!

    So doesn't waste time download now and try out this amazing strategy game.

    !!!Clever DinoHD is a treat for the puzzle fans!!!


    * Smooth and polished gameplay
    * Awesome graphics!
    * Multiple challenging levels
    * Relaxing and more fun
    * Great Sounds
    * Highly Engaging puzzle game
    * Fun For all ages
    * Multiple levels of excitement
    * Optimized performance
    * Simple controls

    A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who play and has played Clever DinoHD!

    Just give it a try….try it out today! Let’s have some fun! Thank you all for downloading and playing this game!!!

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