Know Your Scientists - Trivia




    9 Hints – 1 Photo slowly revealing itself
    Do you know who they are?

    They are the scientists, the philosophers, the poets, the artists and the inventors. They are the visionaries who pushed the boundaries of human knowledge. Made possible what was once termed impossible. Working relentlessly towards the truth – they create industries, save lives, shape culture and change the status quo. Pushing the human race forward – they are the real heroes.

    Do you recognize them now?

    Know Your Scientists is a beautifully designed one of its kind HD app with over 200 scientists, philosophers, poets, artists and inventors.

    Nine factoids and one photo slowly revealing itself; do you recognize them?

    Wikipedia and YouTube links to know more about them.

    Integrated Game Center with 30 achievements and a global leaderboard. See how well your friends are doing – share your achievements and score.

    Base version includes 30 scientists; rest can be unlocked via in-app purchase.

    HD Graphics and adaptive scaling technology: scales flawlessly across devices. On your iPad or iPhone, you get the best user experience possible.

    Absolutely No ads and No analytics. Designed keeping in mind curious young children. All in app purchases are one time only, no consumables.

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