Maths Puzzle - Division




    Do you have strong knowledge in Maths?

    Do you want to test your Maths skills?

    Are your kids always playing games and not studying?

    Now you and your kids can test their skills by playing this game. Challenge and play this math game with your friends and family members. Prove them that you are great by making best scores in our game.

    It is fun to play with maths puzzle. It is free app. Why don't you try this? Sure! you can train your brain with this puzzle game!!!

    How to play?

    Simply drag and drop the numbers from the center grid to the numbered circle which placed at the corners of the screen.

    The number you are dragging should be fully divisible by the number on the corners. That means (x %(modulo operator) y)= 0, where x is dragging number and y is corner number. If the above equation satisfies, you will get 10 points. For example, if you drag number 15 and drop into corner number 3, you will get 10 points.

    Please be aware the number on grid will be hidden on certain time interval. So be fast.

    To complete level, you should drag and drop more numbers than the target(which is denonted at top right corner of the screen) correctly.