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    This is the free version of PAC-LABY 3D.

    (Free version is unlimited with now 45 random levels, Full version have 45 random levels too but with 18 song/tracks and no ADs, Light version is unlimited too, 45 random levels, one song/track and no ADs too).

    PAC-LABY 3D is a simple, fun and very addictive game: the goal is to find all pellets in a maze.

    The maze is a ramdom construction and composed of 1 to 3 floors. The maze grows at each level, some pellets give options.
    You will appreciate the speed of this 3D game and the difficulty of superposed floors.

    - 3D
    - Relief & Stereo if you have a 3D stereo device compatible, like Hasbro, HMZ-T1, Side by Side 3D TV, Interlace TV or Lenticular TV/Monitor/Filter
    - Multiplayer / Gamekit is used to play against another player for free with your local Wifi network or Bluetooth.
    - 18 song tracks will rhythm the game
    - Compatible with any iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS 4.1 minimum.
    - The machines iPad1/2/3, iPhone 3G, 4, 4S, 5 and iPod equivalent, will support 60 FPS (frame per second = refresh rate).
    - use of the accelerometer (with "helico" bonus)
    - two play modes for beginner or expert

    Have fun like me and them ! thank you in advance for your rate and your note.

    Futher informations:

    "a noteworthy 3D PacMan game: classic gameplay with intense rock music, challenging but not toughest level mode and support for 2x multiple mode ( play against with another with local Wifi network or Bluetooth ), all of these will bring you a new visual experience, and retrieve a memorable childhood time. In addition, the advantage of the classic game is it is fit for all kinds of people, we bet you will spend a happy and warm time if you play it with your family. " ---

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