Animal Rush 3D




    "An exciting game! :)"
    "For all ages."
    "Great music!"

    Take control of the animals and have a lot of fun! This exciting game is for all ages. You rush down the rails and you need to jump at the right time. There are some enemies like the hedgehog and the skunk. You can dodge them by simply jumping over them. Don't fall down the rails or the game will start from the very beginning.

    You start with the giant panda and the cat. This winner team is already quite experienced. On your way you should collect as many bananas as possible. If you have collected enough bananas you can use them to unlock new players. Team 2 is a funny bunny and the cat again. If you unlock wagon 3 you can play with Anna, the giraffe. The game speed is slow at the beginning. But soon it will accelerate. For some reason the animals didn't want to integrate a brake. This means that the game will be even more exciting. Enjoy your race with the cute 3d animals. By the way - try collect the magnet. With the help of it you can get the bananas easily. Now choose your animal team and have a lot of fun!


    → Exciting atmosphere
    → Cool music
    → Easy to play
    → Is a lot of fun
    → Gorgeous graphics
    → You can play with the giraffe, the giant panda, the cat and the bunny
    → Game Center supported