Heavy Truck parking




    Parking isn’t quite so easy when you are in an oversized Dump Truck. Climb behind the wheel and try to complete each parking task in the fastest time possible. The game is full of cool detailed environments, other vehicles. And way more missions that you can handle as a trucker in this construction parking simulator.
    So I call to you Trucker think you mastered every different 3D parking situation in al parking simulator available think again. Show you possess the 3D parking skills to drive as fast as possible over the construction site to the marked location where you need to park the truck as fast as possible.
    Heavy dump truck 3D parking brings you one of the most challenging parking gameplay to your device.
    Heavy dump truck 3D parking game Features:
    -Game has four awesome Heavy dump truck that you can drive and park
    -Real life Heavy dump truck parking situations, experience the cool 3D environment of the construction yard
    -Realistic Heavy dump truck parking controls
    -Cool dynamic Heavy dump truck driver gameplay
    -Extreme precision driving simulator
    -Park according to the arrow in the parking place
    -Time is not on your side, you got limited time to park successfully
    -More new exciting Heavy dump truck parking levels will follow