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    Published: 2014-03-11, by .

    Navigate the wild road in a rickety truck to successfully transport the stuffed animals across the border

    • Level editor
    • Tap + tilt controls
    • Flying fuzzies?
    • Unoriginal game mechanic


    Controversy!! The game that was too edgy for the App Store. The iOS bottleneck isn't nuts about potentially serious content, and as such rejected the twin brother of this runner from its shelves. Here's the very, very similar sanitized version with one letter changed, Owlchemy Labs' Snuggle Truck. Play 'em both, I say! Which brings you more utils of happiness, saving immigrants or fluffy stuffed bunnies? You'll need an Android device to find out; Smuggle Truck is exclusively available through Google Play.

    The flavor of the game isn't morally questionable whatsoever, and the mechanics are strikingly within the realm of the tried-and-true. Drive like a banshee through each level, using the sides of the screen to accelerate/decelerate and tilting to angle straight and true. Obstacles, drop-offs, and flying fuzzies keep each race towards the border fresh. Earn badges for successful transportation of the maximum number of stuffed animals in your truck bed.

    A really neat added value of the game: a level creator gives you the tools to easily put together your own challenges, which you can then share with friends and strangers alike. Run through other folks' custom-built levels and watch the fur fly.

    The gameplay isn't super new, but it is well-done; controls are precise and graphic/audio is smooth.

    Owlchemy Labs' Snuggle Truck is, from this reviewer's humble perspective, a harmlessly fun runner game, neither rocking the boat nor contributing anything revolutionary to the public sphere of gaming thought.

    Would you rather be Shocked and Appalled at the subject matter? Head on over to Smuggle Truck (Android only) Are you indifferent to the plight of pixel people, but wish the devs would have taken the opportunity to teach something about our world at large rather than simply tossing babies in the air? Outta luck there, amigo.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Mar 11, 2014


    Now with over 30,000 free community levels included! Create your own and race, now optimized for Retina!

    * The premiere snuggling game :) *

    Featured by PC World, TouchArcade, Kotaku, Joystiq, Penny Arcade, George Lopez Tonight and countless others!

    ***** PocketGamer - Game of the Week
    "It's bonkers, hilarious, and utterly addictive... A perfect addition to your home screen."

    ***** SlideToPlay - Must Have 4/4
    "Whether you call it Snuggle Truck or Smuggle Truck, this game is an absolute blast."

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    Snuggle Truck is an over-the-top physics-based driving game where you must save your cargo full of animals by delivering them to the zoo quickly. Tilt your truck, catch flying animals, avoid TNT, rocket off of cliffs, and blast through hills, caverns, deserts, and forests while trying to keep those animals in the truck!


    - New recording feature for saving the funniest and most amazing replays. Upload straight to Youtube! (iPhone 4 / iPad 2 and up!)

    - Bumpy physics gameplay makes for hilarious results -- keep those animals in the truck while bouncing over obstacles and down cliffs.

    - Optimized for the iPhone 5 with crisp hi-res graphics!

    - Access to tons new content thanks to community-created levels.

    - Beautifully hand-painted backgrounds and high resolution graphics crafted by the genius artist of 'Curse of Monkey Island' fame.

    - Built-in Level Editor - showcase your creative side! Make crazy-fun levels and share them with others.

    - Rocket boosters, flying animals, backflips, loops, roadkill, moose, TNT, and more!

    - Game Center leaderboards and achievements - race for the fastest time!

    - Dynamic medal system rewards multiple gameplay styles. Try to save every passenger or go for the Speed Run and ditch the passengers!

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