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    Published: 2014-04-23, by Peter Warrior.

    Make choices and construct the story of the dragon as you read

    • Great entertainment
    • Creative and original
    • Fun
    • The design could be improved

    "Choose your own adventure"

    This text-based game is reminiscent of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from the 80's and 90's, so it’s not your typical smartphone app.

    It tells the story of a dragon and you get to decide where his life will lead him by choosing what action to take in each challenge you’re presented with.

    When making choices, your skills (such as brutality, cunning, disdain and infamy) will grow or decrease, as well as your Wealth indicator and Wounds. The evolution of these abilities can be checked by tapping on "My Dragon".

    Once you finish the initial questions, you’ll be granted a particular status based on your skills. Then, just tap on "Begin the Adventure" to start the real story and go on reading every chapter.

    This app is fun and original, with long and entertaining stories that change every time. The design is simple and effective, but it could be improved. Choice of Games are developers specialized in this type of “choice” app, so if you enjoyed this one and want to try others, be sure to check them out.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 23, 2014


    Tyrannize the kingdom as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and kidnaps princesses for fun!

    "Choice of the Dragon" is a thrilling interactive novel by Dan Fabulich and Adam Strong-Morse, where your choices control the story. The game is entirely text-based--30,000 words, without graphics or sound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

    Battle heroes, wizards, and rival dragons in your insatiable thirst for gold and infamy. Start by dominating a local tribe of goblins, then usurp the kingdom, defending and expanding your despotic regime to annex neighboring kingdoms, incinerating the peasants in their thatched-roof cottages.

    O, mighty dragon, spread your wings and let your shadow fall over the terrorized nation beneath you!

    • Play as male, female, neither, or an undetermined gender
    • Find and seduce another dragon to be your mate
    • Kidnap princesses for good conversation, to bait heroes, or for a light snack
    • Isn't it a little sexist to always kidnap princesses? Kidnap a prince instead
    • Ransack holy temples, blaspheming against vengeful gods

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