Escape the Dead : Flee the City - Free edition




    Escape the Dead : Flee the City

    You were living a calm and peaceful life in your small village, you life was even boring a bit, but one night everything changed, the dead has come back to life, they are hungry and angry.

    You were the first one to confront the living dead, you were working the night shift in the cemetery, when you notice in the graveyard the earth moving, they were raising, you knew what was happening, you've seen enough horror and zombies movies to know.

    Right now you are all alone, but gather resources to survive, ration pack, first aid kit and ammo pack, it might always get useful. Try to find survivors to help you escape the city ! With a bit of luck, you'll get out and find shelter somewhere safe.

    Get your dog and try to find your friends, try to find help from police officer if you find one, you don't have guns or weapons but you might find someone who does. So right now run fast, jump over zombies, pick up survival kit, do everything you can to stay alive. If you can find someone with a gun you'll increase your chance to survive.

    Use the left side of the screen to jump, pick up ammo box, first aid kit and ration pack, pick enough to unlock new characters.

    At first you won't be able to shoot the zombies, but some characters can, so just tap the right side of the screen to shoot.

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