Mafia World: New York




    Run the city’s toughest gang in Mafia World: New York!

    Enter the mean streets of New York, where you are now the big boss of a mafia on the rise. But staying in power is much harder than gaining it, so lead by example and prove to your gang that you’re worthy of being the top dog.

    It’s a dangerous job in a tough neighborhood, so if you want to survive and make it big, you need to call on some friends. With enough connections you can complete jobs, win fights, and even rob other gangs. But don’t let your guard down! You don’t get to be the boss without making a few enemies, so be careful who you trust.

    Run underground businesses to earn cash, and purchase criminal must-haves such as weapons and getaway cars. Build your empire from the ground up, play your cards right, and you can be one of the most powerful people in The Big Apple.

    No turning back now! Welcome to your new world – Mafia World: New York.



    - Complete dangerous secret jobs for a hefty payout and special loot
    - Defeat mafia bosses to show your strength and get huge rewards
    - Diss and threaten your enemies
    - Collect massive income from your underground businesses
    - Keep your earnings safe in the bank, away from your enemies’ filthy hands!
    - Invite your friends to make your mafia stronger
    - Collect chest keys as a fast track to earning more money, weapons and rare loot
    - Fight in regular Gang Wars against the city’s other powerful families
    - Visit the Godfather to recharge your energy