VR Mission EXT




    VR Mission EXT does stealth action surprisingly well, gives players plenty of incentive to replay levels for higher scores, and looks great (and familiar) while doing it.

    Awesome 2D Metal Gear!

    VR Mission EXT steps it up in more ways than one, and could very well be the best stealth based game available for the iOS. 

    The Most Anticipated VR Mission Sequel Is Here!

    The Untold Stories During VR Mission Unfolds Here!

    During a top classified secret stealth mission, 3 agents were sent to the deep of the enemy’s base. A young agent at his prime, an experienced veteran and a Cyborg Soldier. VR Mission EXT is the story of them 3.

    Your skills of Stealth, Intelligence, Bravery and full weapon knowledge will be putted to the ultimate test in this brand new stealth action packed real time strategy game as you lead an one man army into the very deep of the enemy’s heart, your failure is not acceptable.

    Your mission: To sneak in and gather enemy intel.
    Your task: Finish the mission and leave no trace.
    Your back ups: None.
    Your weapons: All around you.
    Your enemies: Everywhere

    Become the best in the business, challenge the legends and be truly the master of all ghosts. Dare to unlock all the challenges?

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