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    Published: 2013-10-11, by Peter Warrior.

    A survival city crawler

    • Awesome gameplay
    • Outstanding cutscenes
    • Overall, flawless
    • It needs far more customization options and characters
    • It can be even more spectacular

    "Know what? People's eating each other out there"

    Here's a game every lover of the zombie genre will enjoy. In an infested city you play the role of a brave lone wolf whose only contact with other survivors is made via a ham radio set. This survivors send you missions to fulfill in your area, in hope you can eventually reach where they are bunkered and join them.

    These missions are quite dungeon-crawler style, in which you freely roam a given map, clear the area and go back to your headquarter. Completed missions gives you points to buy or upgrade your gun or bombs, your close quarters weapon, decorate your new "home" or improve your stats. You can also customize your character, but only in a very limited way. The whole game is in 3D, and how camera plays with perspective and the very welcome cutscenes are a luxury that many other games can't brag of. Missions will also unfold a story about will, constance and determination (well, as any zombie flick would do)

    Regarding gameplay, it's closer to survival-horror more than button-smashing. Ammo and reloading times are the key to success, as it's to pay attention to your environment and take advantage of exploding barrels and dead ends. Don't forget to rummage through dustbins for extra credits.

    Zombie HQ can be played for free, though there'll be a time when you feel you need to pull out your wallet in order to keep the game balanced. Meanwhile, recommended. Ab-so-lute-ly rec-om-mend-ed.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 11, 2013


    "Zombie HQ is a highly-accomplished and satisfyingly brutal arcade slasher that should leave even the most over-saturated fans of the undead genre feeling very happy indeed.” - Modojo

    “A surprising and delicious package to unwrap.” – 148 Apps

    Your city has been overrun. The zombie infestation is seriously getting in the way of your downtime. It’s time to take back what’s yours!

    Scavenge what you can, find bigger and badder weapons, and take the fight to the undead!

    The streets are no longer safe, but you can seek refuge on the rooftops. What you need is somewhere to catch a breath, somewhere safe to kick back and prepare for your next explosive zombie-killing mission ... what you need is a Zombie HQ!

    • Shoot your way through 18 action-packed levels of zombie-slaying goodness.
    • Rescue survivors and complete extra bonus missions for big rewards.
    • Use and upgrade shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives, rifles, gun turrets, chainsaws and more!

    • Deck out your ultimate zombie safe house with weapons systems, pool tables, hot tubs, turntables – whatever you need to see out the apocalypse!
    • Earn extra rewards from different daily items and events around your base.
    • Kit yourself out in the latest zombie survival apparel, from caps and hockey facemasks to centurion armour!

    • Fight through detailed 3D environments as you battle for survival.
    • Make the most of A7 Apple devices with impressive custom full-screen FX.
    • Play Zombie HQ on your favourite compatible gamepad.*

    Not everyone will survive the zombie apocalypse, but with a fully tricked out HQ... you will!

    * Controller support requires iOS 7 or later and is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad 2 or later, and iPod touch (5th generation)."

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