Angry Neighbours 3 - The Crazy Summer Lawnmower Race Episode




    Your neighbours are hard to live with, even if winter is over they found new ways to piss you off ! Loud music till late at night, their backyard is a mess, they even throw garbage in your yard.

    You are angry and decided to draw the line, you are not getting pushed like this ever again, you will fight for your peace ! And what better way than make a crazy lawnmower race to see who is the best ! The loser will be force to respect a new set of rules so that his or her neighbours can live in peace and have an happy summer.

    - The Game -
    4 cool funny characters to choose from.
    10 different lawnmower to avoid.
    Endless runner game with intense action
    Random gameplay assure a new experience each time.

    - How to Play -
    Tilt your device to control your lawnmower.
    Tap the screen to go in overdrive mode to go insanely fast.
    Avoid crashing in other neighbours.