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    Infection Bio War's review

    Published: 2014-03-04, by Peter Warrior.

    Be the plague and kill humanity. Or not.

    • Images pop out when relevant news break out.
    • It has less features than the game it's "inspired"
    • It's a poor and impolite copycat

    "There ought to be a vaccine for this"

    Openly inspired by Plague Inc (there isn't any other way to say that) comes Infection, a game about a plague that must devastate Earth and wipe mankind off once for all the faster the better.

    Although it improves some elements of the game it's inspired, mainly by the inclusion of more appealing graphics and somehow a more modern user interface, this game is a crude and rude version of the original. The same humor, the same symptoms and traits, same everything, even the same awful touch response when collecting bubbles and a poor world summary making difficult to know where those few healthy humans left are. Major changes include the lack of airport in Iceland and a raise of population in Greenland from 56K to 56M. You can't devolve traits anymore but it's unlikely you get to that point of need.

    If at least it brought something new to the original game such as fantasy scenarios or different gameplay, then it could be taken into account. But as it doesn't, and can only be considered a ripe-off to mislead users, we cannot recommend it.

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    Mar 04, 2014


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