Miami Heat Road Rage Race Free 3D Car Race

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    Miami Heat Road Rage Race Free 3D Car Race

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    Hey Hay weee weee. Just so you know this is not your old boring race game. You are about to enter your own supper cool fast and furious reality of your dreams. Be careful this game can make you even smarter and sharper and next time you drive your jealous friends will see nothing but your tail lights. BUT here you are just robbed a bank with your buddies and escaped with the first vehicle you found open and ready. Well it wasn’t really “open and ready” but you did your few tricks tweaked some wires and the race is on. It‘s getting pretty intense the pursuit is heating up. NO way to run no way to go, but you have your own way. One of the guys in your car had a brilliant idea. Took out the DShK heavy machine gun busted the window and situated it right on the hood. Now any obstacle that came by you, became nothing but vapor. Police is on your trace you can see their lights way in the back in traffic. Luckily the traffic is really heavy. You can kind of hide between the cars. But it comes an end to this comfort. Now the police is clearly on your steps. In a matter of fact behind you looks like a disco place from all the police lights. Unfortunately you can’t dance but “need to dance your way out of this hot pursuit.”You are crazy nervous. The speed of the car is approaching over 120 miles. You feel like a lump is stuck in your throat and you can’t even swallow. Hands sweating, hard beet racing, adrenalin is pumping. You can feel the blood rushing in your head “whoosh –whoosh.” Well is time to get out the heavy artillery. Traffic is getting heavier and heavier and you can’t make your ways around any more.It’s time to blast your way through! This rocket launcher is no joke.Couple ambulances come right in front of you and block your way.See these are not just the normal ambulances, but armed ones.They are trying to blocks your way and help capture you a live. With all the cash.The car is full with wet cold cash, but the chase is getting so hot it isn’t really helping.You can almost taste the victory and the escape.The rocket launcher,heavy machine gun and couple pistols make the job really easier.You are creating havoc on the road. It’s like a war zone around you.Heavy rockets, grenades, rounds from the huge gun on the hood.But it really came down to what you feared the most. You are a crazy good driver. Earned your badges in many chases with the police.But now has been almost an hour chase and you have been running out of gas.It’s like a nightmare come through. You can see the dreaded red light coming up. The fuel gage is down to zero. O no! This can’t be finishing like that.A supper hot girl riding a sports car comes right by you. In the beginning you are thinking it’s someone from the police force trying to hedge your way. But now this is like a heaven sent angel.NOT THAT YOU DESERVE IT! You can hear something sharp hitting your car.A gas line catapult goes right in your gas opening and the gas gets pumped in your car. You know like gassing a airplane in mid air with jet fuel. The girl waves at you gives you an air kiss and disappears. All you know is you are gassed up and ready to fight for the next couple hundred miles to the Mexican border. Well! Something really strange happened after this moment. The heavy guns, rocket launcher, pistol the hot girl and all it kind of faded away. And then it hit you. YES IT DID. Like the whole empire state building came crumbling down on you. And you woke up like in bed with your PJs on.Like a little obedient drone you got up, washed your face and headed in 2 hour heavy traffic to faces you hate to see people you can’t’ stand. Well I know you can create your own reality and do anything you put your mind to. But with the speed you are moving you will not have enough earth years to do it all. So I have decided to make your reality for you. Can you see it even taste it. You would if you knew what it is on the other side. So download this app and jump right in to it. See you on the other side!

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