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    Published: 2014-08-18, by Peter Warrior.

    A music monster management game

    • Excellent design and outstanding originality
    • Simple yet complete gameplay
    • Free
    • Touch response deserves to be improved

    "My didgeridoodle is fluting aloud!"

    Big Blue Bubble is well-known for promoting groundbreaking and imaginative games. MSM is no exception, and promises from its very beginning hours of a kind of fun we can't find anywhere else in the Androidverse.

    First, you must log in through either Facebook or your email address. Once you start your session you will have to purchase your first monster egg and wait till it hatches your first singing monster, a sort of musical stone. As this games works by fulfilling mini-quests, the first quests you will undertake will be your tutorial. Anyway, everything's quite easy, so we can advance that this game is perfectly suited for all ages. Now let's come back to where we were: a Sasquatch-like monster will be your second song-ling monster, and so on. MSM is kind of management game, as monsters need somewhere to rest and you need monsters to get coins to build new buildings and lay more monster eggs.

    Every monster plays a rhythm, so your isometric island will soon become a singing monster kindergarden full of odd yet cute musical beasts. Apart from gold coins, there are also green diamonds, the in-game premium currency, useful to speed up processes and get alternative structures and stuff. This is important because every action takes its time, so sometimes it's better to save money and give three or four orders at once, leave the game and come back to it later. Unless you want to want to spend your precious green diamonds, of course.

    Once you have not enough space to let your town grow you can purchase new islands and try different combinations there. As you fulfill more quests you will get more experience points and therefore more options will be unlocked. Regarding flaws, touch response may be hateful sometimes and, though even there are an increasing number of monsters and facilities, gameplay can seem too linear to depending on whom.

    In short, we are in front of a smart mix of management and breeding games, with the awesome added value of the careful and loving design. Recommended whether you are a management games fan or want to try something non-violent, non competitive and utterly new.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Aug 18, 2014


    Fais collection et de l'élevage de monstres et écoute leurs chansons. Tu n'as jamais vu un jeu comme ça!

    Observe ce qui va se passer quand tu vas peupler une île. Tu peux créer des abris uniques en aménageant le paysage et en positionnant tes créatures. Tu peux baptiser, nourrir et rendre tes monstres heureux. Chacun d'entre eux a sa propre personnalité. Ce sera une expérience de jeu et musique géniale; une expérience inédite grâce à cette technologie innovante.

    • 100 et plus espèces de monstres pour collectionner, aimer, élever et nourrir
    • Art, animation et effets sonores géniaux
    • Îles luxuriantes, chacune d'elles ayant son propre thème
    • Un tas de bâtiments et d'articles de décoration
    • Possibilité de créer des paysages et des combinaisons sonores uniques
    • Son 3D
    • Plus de monstres, plus d'îles et plus de musique bientôt

    "One of the most intriguing and unique games of the fall to date."
    USA Today

    "Toe-tapping charm and gravelly songs are worthy of endless encores"

    "Pretty darned cool"
    148 APPS

    "A must try game"

    "The creativity of layering monsters and the animation is what makes this worth your time"


    REMARQUE : My Singing Monsters est un jeu gratuit ; cependant, certains éléments du jeu peuvent être achetés contre de l'argent réel. Si vous ne souhaitez pas utiliser cette fonction, veuillez désactiver les achats via l'application depuis les paramètres de votre appareil. Une connexion d’Internet (3G ou WiFi) est requise pour jouer My Singing Monsters.

    iOS vous gardera connecté pendant 15 minutes après un achat intégré. Les achats supplémentaires ne nécessitent pas de fournir à nouveau votre mot de passe dans cet intervalle de 15 minutes. Ceci est une fonction dépendante du logiciel iOS qui n'est pas sous notre contrôle.

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