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    Published: 2013-02-20, by .

    Take care of the sheep and make money of it

    • Excellent interface, easy to use
    • Good design and controls
    • Typical gameplay

    "Wool and farm"

    When a sheep appeared in front of you and looked at you with those beautiful eyes, you knew you had to become a sheep farmer. In Tiny Sheep, you manage a farm and your main objective is to make money from sheep, by shaving the wool and sell it.

    You will then need to manage everything about the farm and build up to 10 different structures, as well as make the sheep happy and stay healthy. On your top left side, there's always the list of Quests to do, which will result in advancing through the levels, getting rewards and being able to upgrade and unlock some tools.

    SIUYIU LIMITED is the developer of Tiny Sheep and other management and casual applications for iOS, appropriate for all ages and with beautiful and detailed designs.

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    One day as you were strolling in a beautiful meadow you spot a fluffy white object descending from the clouds.
    As you get closer you realize it is a tiny white sheep! You stood flabbergasted as you watch it floating down.
    You walk towards the sheep, it looks at you with big, adorable sheep eyes.

    What should you do with this fluffy white sheep?

    Surely, this must be a sign from the heavens that you should become a sheep farmer...

    - Shave wool from your sheep and sell it to make money, then watch as it grows back right before your eyes!
    - Over 10 farm structures to build, each with fun and unique capabilities.
    - Each sheep has their own flavor preferences for their favorite hay. Choose from a fun selection of hay bales to treat your sheep!
    - Detailed sheep simulation engine - your tiny sheep will roam around to find fresh grass to eat, but don't let it wander too far or it'll become a sad lonely sheep!
    - The grass on your farm will get eaten away, water it regularly to keep it lush and green
    - Build up the town to get more services to help you manage your farm. Build a church and you can pray for rain to freshen up your pastures!
    - Build fences and keep a shotgun handy to protect your flock from wolf attacks.
    - Compete with your friends to see who can raise the most prize-winning flock
    - Connect with Facebook to visit your friend's farm and send gifts
    - Lovingly hand drawn graphics especially crafted to look gorgeous on your retina displays

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