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    Published: 2013-01-21, by .

    Tiny Village is a city-building management game set in the Stone Age

    • Ease of use
    • Graphics
    • Kids-friendly
    • Tutorial
    • In-app purchases for crystals
    • More of the same

    "Jurassic Village"

    There was a time when primitive humans and dinosaurs shared the world. Humans had to use their skills to survive in an environment where huge and scaring creatures were standing out there. Best way to achieve it: building safe places to live. This is the environment in which this games is set.

    You start with a couple of neanderthals aiming to build a safe village to settle a tribe. You'll have to build pre-historic houses, quarries, stores to transform the stones in weapons and tools, and many other buildings that will help you out in your purpose. There are 7 different resources to craft tools, clothes, candy, weapons and many more. You can expand when you're running out of territory.

    Upgrade the Magic Rock at the center of your town to unlock premium boosters, new buildings and decorations. Manage your village: fire and hire workers, upgrade, sell and buy. New buildings and skills will be unlocked in each level. Make the most of the primitive resources the neanderthals have to step forward in the evolution process.

    One of the strongest points of this game are the graphics. Kids will love it. Actually, although the game is for all audience (especially if they're keen of management games), it's set in a childish environment. In addition, it's really easy to get the hang of it, especially thanks to its tutorial. Its main flaw: in-app purchases.

    TinyCo has done a great job with this as well as they did with other titles it has already launched on the market. Worthy.

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