Pool Club 3D




    Pool club is designed to end your starvation for PC quality pool/billiard gameplay experience on iPhone & iPad for free. 8 Ball / 9 Ball/ 10 Ball, Carom, 1 Cushion and 3 Cushion billiards game types are now available for you in both multiplayer and single player modes.

    Pool Club is built on top of winning and spending coins while you play at different pool clubs. Coins are gained if you beat your opponent or You can also buy coin using in-app purchase feature of the game.

    Initially only one club is open for all players. When you continue playing Pool Club, you gain XP points depending on your shot performance, opponents skill and club level. Evaluation of your shot performance is determined by automatically. You are going to gain XP if you take following actions below.

    Make a Point
    -with a Combinational / Cut / Follow / Draw / Jump / Masse / Rail Shot or
    -as Quick as Possible
    -with High Cue Power.

    You will jump to next level if you have sufficient XP points. Clubs and AI players are unlocked when you reach certain levels assigned for them.

    Each club has different entry fee and unlock level. You gain more XP when you play in higher level club.

    AI Players
    Pool club has one of the best billiards AI engine. Each player has different skill and unlock level. You gain more XP when you defeat a higher level AI Player

    General Features

    -Realistic Physics
    -3D graphics
    -Single Player and Multiplayer online game modes.
    -Option to specify time limit to make gameplay more exciting.
    -Multiplayer free text chat
    -3D or Top View game play.
    -XP gain mechanization on shot performance.
    -6 Different Clubs around the world
    Club Eye, London; Club Ural, Moscow; Club Tower, New York; Club Spirit, Seul; Club Bosphorus, Istanbul and Club Gladiator, Italy
    -6 AI character with different game playing skills.
    -Zoom in/out by two fingers
    -5 times speed up mode to see shot result quickly.
    -Statistics & Performance report

    Cue Control & Shots

    Effective Cue Control
    Adjusting cue tip position
    Raising cue
    It is possible to make following shots: Artistic, Masse, Jump, Follow, Draw etc...

    Supported Game Types with full implementation of game rules

    9 Ball
    8 Ball
    10 Ball
    Carom Billiards
    1 Cushion Billiards
    3 Cushion Billiards

    Supported Game Modes

    Single Player Career, Player versus CPU characters
    Multiplayer Mode.
    Practice mode
    Two player next to each other, on the same device
    Two CPU mode fighting each other just for fun


    Multiplayer challange, GameCenter leaderboards

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