RC Helicopter 3D simulator

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    Fly over the skies of the city with a combat helicopter, in full 3D, fulfilling mission objectives.
    The less time, more score.
    Compare your score with pilots around the world through Game Center.

    Driving a helicopter is even more complicated than a plane,
    but once you master it you can enjoy the wonderful flight of a helicopter.

    Your helicopter is equipped with machine guns, missiles that veer toward the enemy, and the incredible ray weapon.
    Destroy aircraft, enemy helicopters, antiaircraft, ground targets, vehicles in movement.
    See how they fall in flames when they are destroyed by your powerful helicopter.

    Go through 45 fun levels of increasing difficulty.
    The first 15 levels you can select camera, the 15 following the camera is fixed on the roof of a skyscraper,
    which increases the difficulty, but the hardest thing is to complete the last 15 levels,
    in which you operate the helicopter from the jeep in movement.

    If there are too many enemies and your life is low, you must use evasive tactics to complete level.

    Wide variety of cameras: From the rooftop, behind, behind closer, from within and from the jeep in movement.
    Move between buildings, taking care not to collide with the blades.
    Total freedom of movement around the city, mountains and rural areas.
    Recreation of several real buildings.
    You can write a message on the banner of the helicopter.
    Graphics configurable to play fast on all devices.

    Challenge: Get land on the roofs of the narrow skyscraper
    and observe the movement of the city at your feet. Only for advanced pilots.
    Greater Challenge: Get land on a rooftop handling the helicopter from another rooftop or from the jeep in movement.

    RC Helicopter 3D is a game that can give you great satisfaction once you master it.
    Landing a helicopter on the roof of a skyscraper at the first attempt is a joy, makes you feel proud of yourself.
    If you can get all the floating objects handling the helicopter from the jeep in movement, you're a master.

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