Tanuu Duel

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     Tanuu tribe's new battle!!!
     Rebelling leaders.
     Tanuzou rises!!!

     Beat the leaders in the one-to-one fight, bring bonds to the tribe again.

     This game system realizes tactics of marshal arts.
     Thanks to the complicated animating object real collision judging system(CAORCJS), you can play real fight.

     This app has the game system which you can feel the power of the CAORCJS.
     1.Counterattack your opponent skillfully using sway.
     2.Come close to him, guard and hit him strongly.
     3.Jab him to keep him at a distance.
     4.Your punch collides with his punch.
     5.Make fools of him acting dash and dash back.
     6.The HP lowers even if you block his attack.
     7.The damage of body attack is low, but it's damage is high when it's blocked by him.
     8.Each characters have their own GROVE attack and Tanuchic Arts.
     9.You can play Blue-tooth match-up fight.

     Who is the true successor of the Tanuchic soldier???