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    AI Crisis is a strategy game where you spend resources on building towers that destroy waves of incoming enemies. As you kill more enemies, your resources grow. It's a combo of strategy and puzzle play, there are different ways you can beat a level.


    - Universal-App for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

    - Powerful weapon system, 15 tower types with 3 levels of capability. Each tower has unique trade offs that affect ideal placement.

    - 16 enemies with different attributes. The enemy with special skills may destroy your defensive line.

    - Reasonable balance of weapons system and enemies system, need to combine different towers to deal with enemy forces.

    - Each maps can be solved in many different ways, with increasing rewards for improved efficiency.

    - Each map includes Stroy mode , challenge mode and Endless mode.

    - In endless mode, eneies show up randomly, giving infinite possibility.

    - IAP offers Ultra towers which can reverse the situation.

    - The help system in each level will have the corresponding game tips.

    - Realistic 3d environments, like green space, barren hills, snow, volcanoes, bare rock.

    - Background music produced by independent music producer.

    - Easy to operate, with different heights of 3D perspective.

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