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    Battle against all the enemies and learn the most lethal combinations

    • Addictive and fun
    • Thrilling game
    • Too many controls?

    "Angry Stick"

    Anger of Stick are a series of action games with many versions and sequels where the basic objective is that you, as a stickman, kill all the enemies in lots of possible ways.

    You may select your main character and weapons and begin to fight when the continuous waves of enemies keep coming towards you. With the buttons appearing on the screen, you need to train your reflexes and learn the best combinations to destroy as many enemies at once as you can, creating strong combos and ending with everyone.

    The game is really addictive and has a strong base of fans, always enjoying the violence, thrill and action that this game possesses.

    Graphics are appropriate, nothing spectacular but overall with a fine design and responsive controls.

    junghyun park is the developer of this entertaining series, a game recommended for all players, which will instantly become addicted.

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    Jul 18, 2013


    ============UPDATES INFO=============
    version 1.0.1 :
    -Game Center Support
    -RETINA Icon Support

    version 1.0.2 :
    - Doodle Runner ( Add New Mode )

    version 1.0.3 :
    - Survival Mode ( Add New Mode )

    version 1.0.4 :
    - Jump Jump Mode ( Add New Mode )

    version 1.0.6 :
    -Mulitiplayer Mode: 1 vs 1 ( Add New Mode )

    ------Main Update Plan------


    User say :
    - " This is a wonderful game! It has a perfect balance of fast action-packed entertainment, and it is completely addicting! I would recommend this game to anyone! "
    - " Get this game! It's one of the best games I've played for a while! GET THIS GAME! "
    - " This game is the beast so addicte to it I can't stop playing it. "
    - " This is a great game! Really REALLY entertaining when you get into the zone. 5 stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
    - " Ohh yeaaaaaaaa oh yeaaaa oh yea! "

    - Anger of stick 2nd Story -
    Unknown enemies in the city emerge and the hero continues to remove enemies with a variety of weapons, and helicopters and robots that can devastate all enemies at a time.

    Special Features:
    - Action : You can feel the realistic fighting action with 130 behaviors and Hero air combo action is added that can remove all enemies at one time.
    - Weapons: Enemies can be handled lightly by using helicopters and robots in the map, and weapons such as M1911, UZI, Granade Luncher, Spas_12, SG550, Remington_870, Flamethrower, Ray-gun, Mini-gun, Bat, and Sword.
    - Map: Cities, deserts and forests are configured in the map and the fighting action inside building is added.

    - When enemies come on the both sides, all enemies will be fallen down on seizing and throwing enemies back.
    - An infinite combo attack is available with Hero air combo.
    - Enemies can be handled by well-using robots and helicopters on the streets.
    - To avoid the attacks from guns and robots of enemies, button on the key to move to the left is necessary.

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