Car Battles Lite




    When you have to fight your way through to get to your destination, some people modify their cars to get there faster.

    Car Battles Lite is a free game where you are in the middle of a war and your car is your weapon. Car Battles is a worms war based game.

    Car Battles Lite Main Features:
    - 10 new free levels
    - Game Center leaderboard and achievements
    - Pause and return to game
    - Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

    You can take multiple roads to defeat your enemy. Some drivers prefer to hone in with their aim on the enemy's car. Hitting the car directly with your bombs will damage and eventually explode it.

    Other fighters prefer to dig a hole for the enemy and watch the enemy fall to destruction. You can dig underneath the enemy's car or close to it to throw him down a chasm.

    You can also destroy your enemy's car by flipping it. You may destroy the ground under your enemy's feet in such a way that flips your enemy's car. Flipping over a car will blow it up.

    Now some players will combine all of the above.

    What path will you take?

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