Cars Of Germany

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    The classic car game of speed and memory against the clock featuring every German car manufacturer out there.

    With timeless German machinery such as the Volkswagen Beetle, BMW 1602, 840i, Mercedes 600, 300SL Gullwing, 190, 190 Cosworth, Porsche 928, 968 and the 914. As well as this we have also featured most new German cars such as the Audi RS4, Mercedes C63, CL, CLS, S500, E500, Maybach, SLR, SLS, SLK, CLK-GTR, G-Wagen, Audi R8, S5, S8, Porsche 911, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera, VW Golf, Scirocco, Passat CC, Touareg, BMW M3, M5 and M6.

    Version 1.0 features 58 German cars, some very well known and some lesser known.

    Can you tell a BMW E30 headlight from an E34? Or an E24 or an E64? How about an E89 from an E85? Or the classic E21? Can you differentiate between the front of a Mercedes W124 and an SL, or an SLK grille from an SL?

    With cars randomly picked, no two games are the same. You will learn and remember your model numbers and chassis codes for the main German manufacturers.

    This version is optimized for the iPad.