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    App Reviews for Letterfall :

    "Fun, highly addictive and educational…what more could you ask from an iPhone app?"

    "....really interesting, addictive and it has no violence or horror."

    Letterfall is a highly addictive word game in which you try to remove falling letter tiles from the screen by using them to create words of three letters or more.

    Sounds easy? Not when you add in the forfeits of not using timer tiles in time, some letters have to be used twice before they disappear or that some of the tiles can only be removed by blowing them up!

    You can use special letter tiles to create various bombs to use against forfeits and to remove unwanted letters or, if you manage to use the timer tiles in time, there are various bonuses to be earned.

    However, as the pace of the game increases you will soon realise that it's not always an easy choice to make.

    Written for both iPad and iPhone, with multiple themes and music, this game will give you hours of fun.

    Or why not use the Game Center facility to beat the highest score or your mates.

    Remember, keep up with the falling tiles or it's Game Over!

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