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    Explore the untamed jungles of Guatemala at Tikal, the infamous Mayan city.


    "Tikal offers jungle brilliance for 10 action points a turn" - TUAW

    "Deep strategic gameplay... provides a 4-Dimple [out of 5] cerebral experience." -

    "Tikal [is] a game I enjoyed my time with and is easily worth the money." - Gamezebo

    Send your expedition members out from base camp to discover buried treasure and uncover over-grown temples. But stay alert, as both treasures and temples can change hands as you compete with other expeditions!

    Each turn, you place a new tile representing an area of the jungle you have just mapped, then spend action points to explore. When a volcano tile is revealed, each player has one extra chance to improve their position, then points are awarded. Plan your moves and stake your claims wisely, and your expedition will take it's place in the history books!

    With no setup time required, no pieces to lose, and no arguments about the rules, the future of board games is here and Tikal gives you exactly what you want -- to play!

    How to play:

    Choose your favorite of 6 Mayan totems as your avatar, and then discover the true power of this ancient civilization as you compete against them in solo play.

    On a players turn they perform the following actions:

    1.Place the next terrain tile on the board; and,
    2.Use 10 action points to explore Tikal

    Play continues in order with each player placing a new tile and exploring until the volcano tile is drawn. When a volcano tile is drawn players are scored and given 10 more APs to set themselves up for the best possible score.

    After the last tile is played a final scoring round occurs and the winner is determined.

    No set up required
    Fast, easy, and fun game play for 1 to 4 players
    Stunning HD graphics with plenty of eye candy
    Support for 3 modes of play: solo, "pass and play", and online multiplayer
    6 different Mayan totem avatars to choose from
    6 different AI opponents to compete against
    In-game hints make it easy to learn the game
    Complete rules and game guide
    Player rankings and stats
    Achievements and leaderboards
    Online multiplayer play
    Play your own iPod music


    Wolfgang Kramer is one of the world's most decorated and successful board game designers, and this is the official iOS version of his 1999 German Game of the Year.

    Sage Board Games is an independent software developer, focusing on bringing award-winning and classic board games to mobile devices. With a veritable "who's who" of Euro games already licensed, Sage Board Games is poised to become the premiere source of board games for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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