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    Published: 2014-03-17, by Peter Warrior.

    A fantasy themed defense game.

    • Nice graphics and monsters
    • Intense gameplay
    • Overall, no complaints.

    "Orcs & Oozes"

    Towers & Trolls isn't fated to change the genre, but to hone it instead. It brings all the proper elements of any defense-like game: a pretty amount of towers and monsters (some of them unseen before as the jelly monster), nice 3Dish graphics, a rock soundtrack, quite a few maps and an intense gameplay in which you have not to wait but a few seconds to meet your enemies right at your door.

    In short, Towers & Trolls is indeed a very good defense game, suited for every defense gamer or even for those who want to get themselves into the genre. We'd like it were more superlative, this means, with more and bigger monsters, more towers and combos between them. Nine worlds is a wonderfully long time playing, though it may become repetitive at some time and replayability is quite limited. We understand that these flaws are inherent to defense games, but this was a good chance to put it right.

    Anyway, no matter how you look at it, it may not be original, but it's absolutely recommendable.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Mar 17, 2014



    "It's an addictive, creative game with some lovely aesthetics and challenging levels. If you're anything like me, it'll probably steal your soul." - KOTAKU

    "iPad App of the Week" - GIZMODO

    "Game of the Month" -


    Fast paced fantasy tower defense... from the creators of Toy Soldiers and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance!

    Defend your kingdom from invading troll hordes, with addictive quick-to-learn but difficult-to-master gameplay. Towers N' Trolls combines fast-paced arcade action with quick-thinking strategy.

    The tower defense genre is updated for 21st Century mobile gaming with nail-biting moments where your fate teeters on a razor's edge. No sitting and waiting for the enemy, they're already at your door - it's up to you to stop them!

    Towers N' Trolls features beautifully hand-painted environments and playful, light-hearted monsters from the Age of Fantasy. Play across 11 worlds and 65 unique maps, including the Lonely Forest, Fertile Pastures, Snowy Forest, Underworld, Badlands, and the North.



    "Before playing Towers N' Trolls I could see only the visible light spectrum. Now I can see both ultraviolet and infrared! It's amazing, you should try it!"

    "When Cyclops invaded my neighborhood, I knew to build Scout Towers immediately... Thank you Towers N' Trolls for saving my family's life. The Johnsons next-door only had Catapults, and perished tragically."

    "My son was a real problem in school. Since I bought him Towers N' Trolls, his teachers love him and he's earned straight A's!"

    "What other reason is there to buy an iPhone other than to play Towers N' Trolls?"



    * Universal App (Works on iPhone & iPad)!
    * 65 Levels!
    * 4 Game Modes! (Story Campaign, Challenge, Open Mode, and Endless Journey)
    * 11 different worlds across completely different environments!
    * 10 Enemy types with thousands of frames of animation!
    * 3 Levels of Difficulty!
    * Unique, Hand Painted Backgrounds!
    * Randomized loot generation provide countless hours of replayability!
    * Full iPhone & iPad Retina Graphics Support!
    * Leaderboards & Achievements!
    * GameCenter Support!
    * Outrageous Special Weapons including - Powder Kegs, Mine Fields, and Poison Gas Clouds!



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