Classic Miner




    After years of exploration, Classic Miner finally found more gold mines. Classic Miner use skilled techniques to dig gold and diamond to earn more cash. Let’s work together to mine new mines and create a Gold Empire!

    * The score of each level reaches the goal, and you will go to the next level. The game has a save function, you can start from that level if you exit level.

    * Skill guide : When you play for a few seconds and the score does not reach the target, if you want to replay that level, you can press “Exit Level” before time 0, then press “Menu”, then press “Start”, then choose “Continue”.

    * 60 unique levels but play endlessly to get a high score

    * Classic Miner is one of most popular online games. Now it’s available on iOS. Hope you will enjoy it!

    * Aim on the gold while the hook swings, and click on the screen to release the hook.

    * Each level has it’s own random maps. So it won’t be the same experience every time when you start this game.

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