Lexic: new cool and awesome word and letters game




    With Lexic, we feel very proud to have created, what we believe, one of the best word games in the App Store. Download it now and let yourself get inspired and convinced.
    Deceptively simple, yet addictive and smart. Lexic delivers the broadest set of word game features, which makes it stand out even from highly competitive ones. Thought out down to the last detail it promises to become one of the most intriguing word games you ever played.
    In Lexic you will find a wide range of features that you will enjoy and that will really keep you immersed in the game. Lexic’s representational diversity can be seen in the entirely new and unique mechanisms, which include diverse modes, goals, challenges, daily missions, tournaments and many more!! And that's what makes Lexic so special and unique.
    So, set your social life aside for a while, as you're going to want to have time to play Lexic.
    Broaden your horizons and add enjoyment to your daily routines with a new LEXICon!
    Download it now and try out your new top word game of choice.

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