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    Playing Letterpress and just don't see the next possible word to use?
    Getting creamed and just need that big word boost?

    Let Lexicon help you solve all your troubles!

    With Lexicon, you can enter as many or as little letters into the search field and let it tell you which words to use!

    Unlike other "cheat apps" Lexicon does not just dump words with those letters, It verifies the letters are only used once.

    Just type in all the letters from the game board, (Even duplicates) and press search. Lexicon will then go through the database of words and find all the possible words based on the letters you enter.

    Playing multiple games? Use the "Use History" button to bring back up the letters from a previous search.

    You also can take a screenshot of your game in Letterpress, then open that up inside Lexicon to help you get all the letters entered in without switching back and forth!

    Typical Usage scenario, you enter all the letters from the game board in any order and press "Search". This will give you all the results for that game board.
    If you want to only see words with a specific letter or letters, you could select key letter(s) from within the list and only show words that contain the letter(s) you have selected.

    Need to fill X but doen't want to settle for a 2 or 3 letter word? Just type in all the game board letters, hit search, then press the X button below to see just words with X in them.
    Use the secondary search to help narrow down your last letters of a possible word!

    Lexicon was written with Letterpress in mind. The database is just Letterpress words. This app is not affiliated with Letterpress and was just meant to be used as a helper.
    Any ad revenue or In App Purchase revenue goes towards keeping the app up to date with the most current Letterpress database and fixing any bugs that come up.
    Lexicon was written with fun in mind. Just for that little boost to get you through the next word, or to help you so you don't have to forfeit the game.

    ***** If you are seeing any crashed or issues, please report them to for a quicker response. Apples crash reporting system doesnt always show all crash logs, and I currently do not have any logs reported. *****

    I cannot respond to reviews so if something isn't working, please email.

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