Reading Arena




    The reading game based on the internationally successful App of the Year “Reading Trainer”. Challenge your Facebook and Game Center friends, or compete against them face to face in split screen mode. Use your jokers wisely to gain advantages competing for the best ranks.

    SINGLEPLAYER CHALLENGE – Score best results and compare them to those of your friends and opponents worldwide on the Facebook leaderboard.

    MULTIPLAYER CHALLENGE (for iPad) – Compete against your friends in split screen mode – who is more concentrated and spots more? Be the best and tap the answer before your opponent does.

    JOKERS AND UPGRADES – They can provide you with the small but important advantage. Use the Freeze Joker in order to stop the time and the Highlight Joker to reveal the correct answers. Gain Achievements and exchange them for energy.

    WAY TO VICTORY – Combine reading speed and reaction time. Your opponent’s mistakes will be penalized on the spot and credited to your account.

    According to Caesar: “Veni, legi, vici.” – “I came, I read, I conquered.”

    SOUND – Intuitional sounds help you to find the right answers and to recognize mistakes.

    READING ARENA – Based on the award-winning app “Reading Trainer”, App of the Year.

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