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    Published: 2013-03-26, by Peter Warrior.

    Correct texts in order to win

    • Original
    • You play, you learn
    • 100+ levels and practice mode
    • No lite or trial version
    • No level creator

    "Fetch your red marker"

    We love The Grading Game because it mixes our two most favorite things: mobile gaming and correcting others' work, because that's what it's about, trying to find out and mark as many mistakes as you can over a given -and often hilarious- text before time ends. It's as easy that your face might perfectly now be saying "wow, I could figure it out myself and I'd be rich by now".

    Gameplay has also been delicately taken care of, for sure, because the prosaic system of giving you time and cash in exchange for every mistake you find brings you over and over more than 100 levels. As it's a game to improve your grammar in the end, there's a superb practice mode in which you can define which areas you are worse in.

    We can only claim that there isn't any kind of level uploader, so you can share your own creations (or homework) with your friends.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Mar 26, 2013


    ◕ The Grading Game: Race to find typos and grammar errors! ◕
    "Super addicting. [It's] making me better at my job." -
    "****...Unique idea. Hilarious writing." -
    "****...Ideal to play while on the move...immensely satisfying." -
    "It's a concept that just hasn't been done before, executed beautifully, and hysterically" -
    "The perfect piece of entertainment for grammar fiends" - Jay Is Games

    Progress through more than 100 stimulating and unusual topics as you race against time to mark mistakes.

    How did proofreading get so addictive? Uncap your red pen and find out!--The clock is ticking, and your loans won't pay down themselves!

    The Grading Game includes more than one hundred topics, ranging from history to internet culture to ramen noodles! Discover the historical occurrences of raining cats and dogs. Did you know Australia once declared war on emus? Uncover what's behind toilet paper folding in hotels!

    Good luck! The Grading Game is alot of fu--that is, a lot of fun!

    ◕ Play the arcade QUICKPLAY mode for a random selection of content as you race for cash.
    ◕ Work through the CAREER mode and progress through each article as you choose, from undergraduate to doctoral years.
    ◕ Hone your skills with the PRACTICE mode: Focus on a specific kind of error, on a specific kind of level, all of your choosing.
    ◕ Using the most statistically common spelling and grammar errors, the Grading Game generates a freshly flawed paper with every level.
    ◕ Play through 12 free levels, and then upgrade to earn cash and unlock all 100+ levels to test your copyediting acumen and expand your knowledge. TIL!
    ◕ The time limit seems short, but each mistake you find earns a little bit more time--and cash!
    ◕ Addictive, casual gameplay -- Tap your way to victory at the bus stop or in detention!

    ...and there's more on the way! Keep an eye out for our forthcoming updates, already in progress. I think we'll be adjusting the difficulty a bit!

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