Word Speed Puzzle Master




    A fun game for word and puzzle lovers alike! Make words by connecting the touching letters to get the best score you can in 2 minutes!

    (English language only)

    Do you opt for speed and make the first words you see or are you more tactical and find longer higher scoring words? The real masters can do both. Can you?
    Compete with Facebook and Game Center friends across 4 leaderboards to see who has the highest score, highest scoring word, longest word and most words made, to see who is the Word Speed Puzzle Master!
    Use the Game Aids to help you better your personal best and move up the weekly leaderboards! 

    - SHUFFLE: Shuffle the board to help you see more words!
    - TIME BOOST: Give yourself an extra 10 seconds!
    - RULEBREAKER: Time is frozen for 10 seconds and letters no longer need to be touching. Get the best score you can whilst it lasts!
    - TILE SWAP: Swap one letter for another one on the board to complete the word!

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