10 Android Apps For Booking Your Next Life-Changing Trip

10 Android Apps For Booking Your Next Life-Changing Trip

Right, no more excuses. This is it. This is the year you're going to move your feet, throw caution to the wind, and see the world!

There's nothing like travel for learning about new cultures, getting to know yourself, discovering new and beautiful places, living new experiences, and basically, making life a whole lot more worthwhile.

It's time to book your next on-the-road adventure. Don't put it off a second longer!

We've put together a comprehensive compendium of the best apps to make your dreams a reality:10 Android Apps For Booking Your Next Life-Changing Trip.

Our top picks include: KAYAK, Hipmunk, Skyscanner, Booking.com, Airbnb, Hotel Tonight, hub by Premier Inn, CityMapper, TripAdvisor City Guides and minube.

Get There

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars: 8.4/10

If you've traveled sometime in the past decade, you've probably used a search engine designed to take the pain out of seeking the best way to get there. KAYAK is one such option, and just might be one of the best of its kind.

Enter in your desired details for securing a flight, hotel, or rental car (like destination, arrival/departure dates, how many people, etc.) and Kayak will start a comprehensive search. Order your results by factors like price and number of stops (in the case of flights), and make your selections accordingly.

It's a one-stop-shop for all of your travel needs, and has a snazzy, minimalist design to boot.

Hipmunk Hotels & Flights: 8.3/10

The modern savvy traveler knows to shop around, and the best way to do that is through an app that lets you search and compare many different options for flights and hotels at once. Hipmunk Hotels & Flights is a beautiful one.

Apart from all the usual functionality you would expect from this kind of app, every time the app loads, you get to enjoy a very cute chipmunk grooving as though it were an airplane. Ladies and gents, we have our winner.

The results screen consists of colored blocks on a timeline representing possible combinations of flights, a translation from the display used on the Hipmunk website. These can be ordered by traditional factors like price and number of stops, but also, usefully, by "agony."

Add to that search results that include rentals for AirBnb and Homeaway, and a 'tonight only deals' section, and you've got yourself a sweet little travel tool.

Skyscanner - All Flights!: 7.0/10

Skycanner is a neat and snappy little appy which allows you to find flights, no matter where you are or where you want to go - and at the best price possible.

The website is well established and well trusted, and the app delivers the same great functionality plus a great number of filtering options to make your life easier and, ultimately, cheaper.

Enter the origin and destination, dates, and the number of passengers, then ping! A multitude of results listing all of the best possible matches to your search, with prices, companies, and times.

Get A Room

Booking.com: 9.0/10

The sleek Booking.com hotel app puts over 535,000 properties across 69,000 destinations worldwide right at your fingertips. Make simple and secure bookings in 42 languages and in 53 different currencies.

You can search by name or location, then filter by price, facilities, etc. All of which, can be sorted by what's most important to you: price, popularity, review score, etc. You can also use map view to search for accommodation; on tablet, you can actually draw a specific area with your finger! Pics are high quality too.

One of Booking's most successful features is access to over 38 million verified guest reviews, which gives you in-depth info on what you're booking. A well-designed, user-friendly app.

AirBnb: 9.3/10

If you've been living under a rock and for some reason don't yet know about Airbnb, get ready to rock your travel world forever. Save big bucks on accommodation, wherever you're going, by renting rooms/flats/entire houses from private individuals. If you've got a spare room, jump on the bandwagon and have a go at renting it out for travelers.... why not?

A fantastic concept is matched with a fantastically well designed app. Signing up, searching rooms/apartments, making reservations, and contacting hosts is painfully easy to do thanks to this little award-winner.

The social component of AirBnb is what makes it so powerful. You can read reviews from other users who stayed in a place and then write your own. Likewise, you can rate and get rated by the host, plus easily contact them through the built-in messaging system.

A real must-have app for travelers.

Hotel Tonight: 8.8/10

Night out with your pals, and can't be bothered grabbing a cab or catching the night bus home? Don't get caught short!

This super, San Francisco-based app boasts taking last-minute booking to the next level: book with a maximum of 7 days' notice and get the best possible price. Oh, and it's quick: you can book a room in just 10 seconds – 3 taps and a swipe!

Hotel Tonight is easy to use with a really well designed interface. Plus, it gives you minute details other hotel websites can't usually muster up: like the price of the contents of the minibar (essential info).

hub by Premier Inn: 8.0/10

Love to travel? Tech geek? Wish you could figure out the damned air conditioning in your hotel room without wanting to reach for the sledgehammer? Then you really should consider checking yourself into a hub by Premier Inn. Take control of your whole hotel experience by controlling everything in your ultra-smart hotel room with the accompanying fancy app.

Reserve your room (and manage your booking), breeze through check-in, and even set the room temperature and lighting the way you want them. You can change the TV channel, stream content and even browse the breakfast menu and make your order - all through the app.

The hotels themselves are currently only based in London, with plans to roll out across the UK. Here's hoping for a smart hotel revolution, worldwide!

hub by Premier Inn hub by Premier Inn icon

hub by Premier Inn

FREE 8.0 248

Get Around

Citymapper - Subway, Bus, Bike: 9.6/10

So you manage to survive the journey to your destination. Now what? Ever been frustrated by the clumsiness of figuring out how to get across a complicated city using Google Maps?

Citymapper is a friendly and efficient solution to this touristic nightmare of a problem, and it's currently available in New York City, Boston, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Rome, Chicago, Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, Washington DC, and London.

Your current location is auto-detected, and you tell it where to pinpoint as "home," "hotel," and any other favorite places you know you'll keep coming back to. Choose your preferred method of transport - walking, subway/metro, cab, bike, bus, tram, ferry, whatever - and be presented with suggested routes, including info regarding disruptions in a transport line, how many potential calories you'll burn, and any anticipated inclement weather conditions.

The design is just gorgeous. Try it once, and you'll never be able to go back to another maps app ever again.

TripAdvisor - City Guides Catalog: 8.8/10

No free wifi: the traveler's nightmare. But fear not! Trusted review guru TripAdvisor presents the solution on a silver platter: downloadable Offline City Guides, including all the hotel, attraction, and restaurant information you already use from the website.

There is a colossal array of guides for cities across the world to choose form, and they work completely offline. As such, they're ultra fast when you're out and about or have no connection.

The guides offer self-guided tours, which include both famous landmarks and local secrets. You can even update the app with your own reviews as well, just like on the website - they'll upload when you finally do hook up to the net.

City Guides Catalog City Guides Catalog icon

City Guides Catalog

FREE 8.8 8K

Get Connected With Other Travelers

minube: 7.0/10

Anything you may need when travelling to different countries is on minube, and so are the people who know it. Just input the city you're after and start discovering places to eat, sleep, chill out or meet up.

Besides connecting your Facebook account to the app, checking-in, and sharing your location, you can post reviews about places or read users' reviews. If any of those reviews aren't in your language, you can use an integrated "Drunken Translator."

minube isn't the most-known mobile travel guide yet, but it has already a good number of reviews, lots of places and user-friendly interface. Recommended.

What are your go-to apps when you've got the travel bug? Share your tips in the comments!