5 Android Apps To Stop You Flunking Your Finals

5 Android Apps To Stop You Flunking Your Finals

Students dread this time of year. Over just couple of days, a whole year's worth of work is summarized and tested in just a handful of deadly questions, poised and waiting to trip you up. Some students manage to squeeze out every last bit of effort and energy inside them, and pass everything with flying colors. For others, the pressure gets to much and they wind up ruining the whole year's work, having to give up half of their summer retaking exams.

Your success depends not only on the effort you make in the last few weeks of school, but also on the tools you have within hand's reach. Android apps can be really useful for many different aspects of studying; from time organization, to getting hold of textbooks. And yes, before you ask, some apps can also help solve problems during the, ahem, exam itself.

So we've put together some of the most useful study support apps, including those which'll help you pass those all important finals, without you breaking a sweat.

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My Study Life

My Study Life isn't only for exam time; it's usefull all year round. It is, however, particularly useful when it comes to organizing your intensive study weeks. My Study Life is just an interactive and improved version of your old paper agenda. It's an app that lets you organize your homework and your exams, manage schedules and tasks, and set up your own personalized study plan.

Don't forget that organizing your time well is imperative during exam time. And this app will make sure you've got it all under control, thanks to its multitude of uses and great design.


Your organization skills are important, but having the right study materials and a tutor who can answer your questions, can make all the difference between a pass and a fail. Chegg is an app which helps you find stuff to get your study on; you can search for textbooks (by title, author or ISBN), and borrow them or buy them directly through the app. You can also post questions and find experts' answers and, finally, even find yourself an online tutor.

This is an app with a really well-designed interface. It's easy to use, and has a great catalog that isn't missing a single thing. It's basically a very useful study resource, especially if you missed a few classes and you need to catch up with some notes on a particular topic, or if you're like a fish out of water, and really need to get some revision in, fast.


StudyBlue also gives you access to literally hundreds of different resources (some free, some for a fee) in a variety of study areas, but it also lets you take down your own notes in the format of your choice (either text, audio or photo).

You can also find your college or university in the app and join groups for each of the subjects you take. That way, you can easily get in touch with your classmates and teacher, and gain access to any shared classroom material.

StudyBlue For Educators StudyBlue For Educators icon

StudyBlue For Educators

FREE 251

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Formulae Helper

Formulae Helper is one of those apps that ends up being an essential tool for any student who has to deal with math formulas, trigonometry, algebra, physics or calculus. Looking for a specific formula? Well, fear not. They're all here.

Thanks to its excellent design and smooth browsing, you can find all the formulas in any area, either to help you do your work or as a reference tool during your finals.

Formulae Helper Formulae Helper icon

Formulae Helper

$1.99 7.8

yHomework - Math Solver

You've organized your time well, got all the perfect study aids and made some notes in class, but you're still unable to solve the problems in your algebra exam. Don't worry! You can always turn to yHomework for answers.

yHomework is a smart calculator that'll not only solve your equations, but it'll do it step by step, so that you can see how it was worked out, and even justify your answer. Next to the answer, yHomework will leave you some comments so that you don't miss a single thing. An extremely useful app for your study sessions but also during the test itself (but use it at your own risk!).

yHomework - Math Solver yHomework - Math Solver icon

yHomework - Math Solver

FREE 7.5 50K

Have you found these apps useful? What are your favorite cramming apps? Let us know in the Comments.

Translated by Joe Martin