5 Hilarious Emoji Apps For iPhone

5 Hilarious Emoji Apps For iPhone

Did you know emoji originated in 1999? That's right, there are high schoolers right now who are younger than the smiling pile of poop. Everyone's favorite collection of 722 cartoon emoticons is originally from Japan, which is why you never have any idea how to use the businessman or the lantern.

Another amazing emoji fact: that white flower with the red characters inside is to denote "amazing homework!" Bet you never even noticed that one, did you? Did you know that Siri can read emoji? Give it a go; you'll never have a more scintillating conversation with an algorithm. Buzzfeed's got you covered if you want more incredible emoji information, but Appszoom's your boy if want you want is emoji apps.

Here are five of our very favorite iPhone apps to emojify your life.

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Emojify yourself: Bitmoji

Bitmoji is all about Bitstrips, the cartoon version of yourself that you can quickly make into all sorts of hilarious stickers to share with your friends. The avatar is ultra-customizable, and there are literally zillions of sticker packs that you can download to express your individuality. Choose between Bitstrips style or Bitmoji style; the difference is bigger eyeballs and much more emojiness.

Don't forget to check out our video review for Bitmoji on YouTube!

Suit up your device: SwiftKey

If somehow you've been cursed by an evil god and you've still not got emoji on your device, grab alternative keyboard SwiftKey right this very minute. It's not the only custom keyboard with emoji; it's just one of the best. Updates all the time with better, smarter corrective typing. Customizable look. Lightweight install. And: all the emoji, every last one of 'em.

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Creative communication: Emojli

A couple years ago, I had a challenge going with a boyfriend to attempt to communicate via Whatsapp only through emojis. We theorized that they were surely the future of communication, and we invented a whole system of representing complex philosophical ideas using the octopus and the bunny-ear dancing girls. Emojli is some kind of zenith of human invention: an emoji-only messaging app. The dream is real. Believe.

Note: Emojli is in its dying throes. The legend is scheduled to turn to ash on July 30th, 2015. Will it rise again from the ashes, a phoenix? Or at least one of those chicken heads? Don't risk it; grab Emojli today to try it before it's too late.

Emojli: the emoji-only messenger Emojli: the emoji-only messenger icon

Emojli: the emoji-only messenger

FREE 7.0 77

Gotta guess 'em all: Guess Up Emoji

Solve the puzzle by guessing what the combination of emoji means in Guess Up Emoji. For example, a snowflake and a white circle represent "Snow White." Please don't strain yourself working on these; your children are our future.

In case you can't get enough of rebuses: Emoji Quiz

Emoji Quiz is another guess-the-word game featuring, you guessed it, emoji. This one ramps up in difficulty a lot faster than the previous app, so you may want to bone up on your word nerd skills before attempting to tackle it. Bring some popcorn and share it with friends.

What other emoji-related apps do you love? What's your favorite emoji? Which new emoji are you most looking forward to? Let's talk about that weird ghost emoji in the Comments below.