5 iPhone Apps For Live Mobile Broadcasting

5 iPhone Apps For Live Mobile Broadcasting

Live streaming from your mobile is bang on trend. In fact, some think it's gonna be the next big thing in social media. The success of apps like Meerkat and Periscope are proof that there's increasing interest in sharing videos in real time.

It's no surprise. Live streaming brings us closer to the "right here, right now" content that we crave so badly. It really does take us where 140 characters, photos, and vines cannot reach.

Luckily, broadcasting videos live from your mobile, and sharing them on your social networks is not only possible, but easier than ever, thanks to the iPhone apps we've got for you today. Find the platform which best suits your needs, and join in the latest internet trend.

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Ustream is one of the most popular and longest surviving live video apps on the market. It lets you watch thousands of channels made by users just like you, where you can catch your favorite sporting event or check out what's been happening at famous landmarks around the world. Of course, you can also make your own channel and broadcast publicly, or privately - whatever you please. You can also chat with other users on the same channel, and ask them about their viewing habits.

You've got the option to save the videos that you've recorded, and make them accessible to the users who weren't there for the live broadcasting too. You can also connect up your social networks to Ustream to increase your distribution. Happy streaming!


No doubt about it. This is the app. The app Twitter wanted to have. In fact, it's a live video broadcasting app designed to be used in conjunction with Twitter. And as a result of the success of Meerkat, Twitter have created their own clone: Periscope.

Meerkat is easy to use; just tap "Stream" and your live video will appear on your followers' timelines. If your followers also have the app, they'll get a notification about your latest broadcast and can comment - all on Twitter. When the video has finished, it'll disappear from Meerkat forever (just like Snapchat), but you can of course save the video on your mobile or tablet.

Meerkat Meerkat icon


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If you love mobile games, Shou.TV gives you the chance to record and broadcast videos of your matches, live on air. It's the perfect app for creating your own YouTube channel about mobile games or for showing your friends that your high score is genuine. You can search for channels by name or by game title, chat with other users, and follow them too.

The interface is really neat and it all flows fantastically. This has got everything you need to become the next mobile gaming star.

Shou - mobile game streaming! Shou - mobile game streaming! icon

Shou - mobile game streaming!

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Livestream is another live streaming service with hundreds of channels that cover everything from local news to great sporting events. Of course, if you want to change from a mere viewer to a broadcaster, Livestream makes that easy as pie! You just have to make an account and tap the red button to start broadcasting.

It's one of the simplest video broadcasting apps to use and has an amazing level of integration with social media. It has also recently become compatible with Chromecast and some video editing tools. Highly recommended.


Despite being fairly unknown compared to the others, Upclose is an excellent alternative if you're really interested in the social aspects of these services. Upclose lets you find sporting events and other entertainment being broadcast live, but the content is predominantly conversation channels, with real people speaking to the camera. You can join in and do the same, simply by tapping the record button.

You can follow people, chat with them and share your channel with whoever you want. You can also chat while watching any live event.

Have you tried any of these live streaming apps? Do you think it's the future of social networking? Leave us your thoughts in the Comments section

Translated by Joe Martin