5 Reasons To Read E-Books (Books vs. E-Books)

5 Reasons To Read E-Books (Books vs. E-Books)

Nobody can agree on who was actually responsible for inventing the very first e-reader, although there are various candidates in the running. As for why it came about, the reasons for its development, and the reasons why we still continue to reach for the e-book, haven't really changed over the years.Quite simple, it takes up less space, it's lighter and it's easier to read.

If you think logically, reading in an electronic format does have way more benefits than drawbacks, even if the old romantic in you tries to tell you otherwise. This being so, we've put together this cheeky little article spelling out the 5 main reasons why you should choose to read e-books.

No more feeling guilty about not being able to smell the pages, or not storing your reads on a dusty old book shelf. It's 2015, folks.

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Reason #1: They're cheaper

This might not seem that important at first sight (books are culture, culture has no price and whatever... blah blah blah), but if you're an avid reader like I am, you will surely appreciate the significant price difference between a $20 hardback and a $4.99 E-Book edition.

Imagine how much moolah you'd save in a year! And sure, you can invest that money in buying even more books. It's all about the economy.

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Reason #2: They prevent back pain

Books are heavy, nobody can deny it. E-Book readers, however, are not. And while this might not seem like a meaningful reason if you're young, we can assure you, your future body will thank you, especially your back.

There's a big difference between lugging around a copy of A Song Of Ice And Fire and having it in your e-reader - and it doesn't take your chiropractor to tell you why.

Reason #3: They save space

Unless you live in a mansion with enough rooms to store your books by genre, you will probably want to reduce as much as space as you possibly can.

E-books don't take up any physical space and an e-reader is so small that it will most definitely fit in your purse.

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Reason #4: They're instant

What if you suddenly got the inevitable urge to read Don Quixote, but there were no bookshops anywhere near you? What if, by some miracle, there was a bookshop, but the last customer had just bought the book you wanted?

With an e-reader, you'd just need Internet connection to have your book at the exact moment you wanted it. Let's spoil ourselves!

Reason #5: They're completely customizable

No more going blind from small fonts. With e-readers, you can easily boost your font size (so big that you can't fit more than 5 lines on one page, if that's how you like it), change typography, margins, and even line-spacing.

Become your own book editor.

Okay, so your favorite author will not be able to sign your e-book, and you will probably become a bit obsessed with page percentages, but those are surely minor problems.

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Do you prefer e-books or classic books? Which are your favorite reading apps?