5 Unmissable Augmented Reality Apps For iPhone

5 Unmissable Augmented Reality Apps For iPhone

Augmented Reality technology has been around for some time now, but it’s still a fairly unknown area for the majority of users.

Projects like Navdy and Google Glass found that, by replacing smartphone and tablet screens with floating widgets, a better connection between technology and reality could be established.

And the power of Augmented Reality on iPhone apps continues to grow; after all, this technology is key to the screen-less future ahead of us.

If you want to find out just what Augmented Reality apps can offer you on your iPhone or iPad, keep reading!

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Star Walk 2 Free

Whether you’re a star gazer or not, Star Walk 2 by Vito Technology is a must-have Augmented Reality app. It’s an interactive astronomy guide which lets you explore stars, constellations, planets, and satellites by simply pointing your mobile at the sky.

Star Walk 2 gives you thorough information, as well as crisp images, and an interactive 360º view. One of its best features is the Time Machine, which lets you compare today’s sky with the one in the past. It’s all finished off with an amazing design that makes using the app a pure delight.


Wikitude is a seasoned veteran in the world of Augmented Reality apps. It was launched in 2008 and since then, it hasn’t looked back. Nowadays, Wikitude is a search engine that can pin-point places of interest on a map, using Augmented Reality.

Wikitude helps you to find restaurants, places recommended by TripAdvisor users, or explore locations that have links to Wikipedia sites, to name just a few possibilities. You can also check out geolocated tweets and other things related to social networking. All this information is displayed as floating points of interest in your vicinity, you simply have to hold up your smartphone and point it around you.

To top it all off, you can also convert your money by scanning your banknotes and coins with your mobile’s camera. It’s a really useful app for exploring the area you’re in, especially if you’re on a trip.

Augment - 3D Augmented Reality

If you’ve never experienced Augmented Reality first-hand, then Augment 3D is a great app for seeing exactly what this revolutionary technology is capable of. Augment 3D gives you a huge range of 3D objects that you can virtually place in the palm of your hand, on your desk or, in fact, anywhere. Just browse through the categories (merchandising, architecture, design, art and culture, etc.) and choose an object, then point your camera to where you want to preview it.

Augment 3D can be really useful for interior designers, allowing them to virtually place objects in a room (quite similar to what the IKEA app does). It could also be used to advertisers who, by adding their product to the Augment 3D catalog, could reach out to a larger target audience.

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Augmented Reality games are also booming. Ingress by Google was one of the first, originally created as a kind of experiment, but soon gaining legions of active users.

Ingress is a geolocation game which makes great use of one of their best product: Google Maps. Reality and fiction are mixed up in Ingress. Each user is a secret agent who has to take control of different zones, pick up objects, and unlock awards by physically moving about in their surroundings.

From now on, whenever you go to the next neighborhood or sightseeing in another city, open Ingress and find out if there are other active users in the area, if there are any valuable items you can pick up or any new missions to tackle.

Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast

Last but not least, this Augmented Reality game is one that GhostBuster fans will love. GhostBusters Paranormal Blast by XMG Studio is a type of shoot ‘em up in which you play as part of the team. There are a variety of missions where you need to capture the ghosts that appear around you, floating over your desk or next to the coffee machine at work. Check out the map to see where they are and go get them!

Unlike Ingress, which is a MMORPG, GhostBusters Paranormal Blast isn’t endless, and unfortunately, you’ll be cut short at just 20 missions.

Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast icon

Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast

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Have you ever tried an Augmented Reality app? Do you know any other that deserved to be in this list? Tell us in the comments.