6 Essential Android Apps For Netflix Junkies

6 Essential Android Apps For Netflix Junkies

The good thing about Netflix? The amount of content offered. The bad thing? The amount of content offered. While handfuls of shows and movies are periodically removed from the world's favorite streaming service, BUCKET-LOADS are added every day. The problem is keeping track of all those additions and subtractions, and finding good content to watch, when you want to watch it.

Today we’re sharing our 6 favorite Android apps that any TV junkie worth their Netflix subscription should have - from accessing all the best content, to deciding what to watch, and finding out about new uploads as they happen.

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Legit Movie & TV with Friends

Which movie should I watch next? Decisions, decisions. There are so many goodies out there, you just don't know where to start. Legit Movie is a film recommender that suggests films based on your personal taste profile.

Just tell the app which your favorite genres are and which platforms you use most (Netflix, obvs). It'll whip up a list of suggestions for you to add to your watchlist. An essential app in moments of indecision.

ExpressVPN - VPN for Android

Ready to squeeze more international goodness out of your new Netflix account? Grab a VPN to access any content you want from wherever you are. Our current favorite is ExpressVPN ($13/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee, plus you can also use it on your computer), one of the most popular VPN clients out there.

Unlike so many low-quality VPN services out there, it actually works - and flawlessly at that. The simple UI means even newbies can make this one happen.


Wioflix was created especially for avid Netflix users. The app simply recommends you movies that are streaming right now and it redirects you to Netflix so you can instantly watch it.

The app is incredibly easy to use: just filter by year, genre or website or select random to let the app surprise you. Wanna find out more about the movie? You can also narrow your search by show database websites like IMDB, Metacritic, or Rotten Tomatoes, so you can check all the info there.

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Flix Roulette

Trouble choosing what to watch? Let Flix Roulette decide. This dedicated app introduces you to great new Netflix films and TV shows every time you spin the wheel.

There's no fancy, jazzed up algorithms here. Just feed in your favorite genres, actors, directors, ratings, and type (movie or TV show) - or leave it all to complete chance, you daring soul - and be dazzled by random brilliance. Perfect if you and your other half always reach an impasse on what you both fancy watching.

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Flix Roulette

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Upflix - Netflix Updates

Upflix helps keep you updated on all the new goodies there are to devour on Netflix, by sending real-time updates on all the new titles, series and documentaries arriving on the service.

The app has a neat-and-tidy design, and allows you to filter by country, genres, actors, and directors to get push updates on what not to miss. For the those real conundrum moments, the Roulette Mode helps you choose a movie when you don't know what to watch. And bragging to your friends about how you always find out about great new shows before they do is made easy with speedy social media sharing.


InstantWatcher helps you separate the screen gold from the chaff, by allowing you to quickly browse, search, queue, and share Netflix's instant streaming titles from your Android.

Not only can you check out what's just been recently added, but also what's about to get the axe. You can also refine search results by MPAA, Rotten Tomatoes, and NYT review ratings, as well as by which titles are award winners and nominees.

Are you a Netflix and Chill kinda guy or gal? Which apps help you get the most out of your subscription? Share your tips and hacks in the Comments.