9 Best iPhone Apps To Get You Ready For A Flight

9 Best iPhone Apps To Get You Ready For A Flight

Air travel can be tough to plan. There's a lot to do in advance, and the flight itself can end up being terribly boring. For some people, it can even be scary. Fortunately, there are apps out there to help us cover all the bases.

When facing a long-haul flight, our minds begin to wander. How will we keep ourselves occupied for all that time? Will we be able to use our phones? Well, the answer to that particular question is YES, as long as your apps can work 'offline'.

We've gathered together the best apps to help you prepare you for a flight. They cover everything from the before, and the during the flight itself, to the stepping off the plane, when your trip really begins.

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Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker

If you want to know what's really going on in the flight world, Flightradar24 is a great app to start. This app picks up information from aircraft, and lets you check out all the flights in progress at the moment; you can even point your device at the sky and check out what's flying overhead. There's plenty of geeky information about aircrafts, speed, and altitude included for good measure.

Flight App VALK

Flight App VALK is a simple app that aims to help you relax when facing flight phobia. The app includes interesting facts that'll increase your flight knowledge, and it also features a relaxing exercise to calm your nerves. Pricey, but actually useful for the fearful.

Fear of Flying App Fear of Flying App icon

Fear of Flying App

$3.99 6.8 7

Hopper - Airfare Predictions

Hopper is an extremely useful for going about buying your ticket. Hopper lets you know when's the best time to book your flights, helping you save up to 40%. Easy to use, and one of those apps you wish had been invented long ago.

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Refund.me is perfect to carry with you in case something happens: we're talking flight cancellations. This app makes making claims much easier: input the information to see if it applies and the team behind Refund.me will take care of everything (and you might even get paid!)

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ANA Takeoff Mode

ANA Takeoff Mode is a simple, yet captivating game of physics that aims to take your mind off the takeoff. You'll need total concentration to play this game: tilt your device in order to bring the ball to each mark and keep adding seconds to the timer.

Infinite Flight Simulator

What's better than playing a flight simulator while actually flying? Infinite Flight Simulator is a realistic simulator with top-notch visuals where you can choose among a great collection of aircraft and several adjustments like weather, time of day and other interesting options that would impress anyone.

80 Days

If you want a game that completely captivates, 80 days is the perfect one for playing on a plane. The game, based on the Jules Verne tale, will not only fascinate you but will also boost your desire to travel. Strategic and brilliant.

IHG® Translator

Practice before landing! IHG Translator is a phrasebook application that'll be extremely useful when visiting foreign countries. Learn all about the traditions of a particular location, calculate prices with the currency converter and memorize some common expressions to make the most of your experience.

MAPS.ME –Offline Map & Routing

MAPS.ME is an offline maps application where you can download maps to use later. This is perfect to check out when travelling on a plane: explore the area, take a look at what's close to your hotel (restaurants, shops...) and plan your routes in advance.

What are your favorite apps to get you ready for catching a flight? Tell us in the Comments.