Game of the Moment: Sushi Go!

Game of the Moment: Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is a popular card game for all ages that has made the leap to iOS devices. Fortunately, the mobile version is just as fun as the original card game with cute graphics to match.

What's it about?

SUSHI! If you're a fan of sushi, you'll probably enjoy playing this fun little game. The aim is to earn more points than your opponents by getting hold of the best sushi combinations. You can collect puddings, makis, dumplings...anything you could find whizzing around a sushi conveyor belt, basically. Grab your fish dish from the conveyor on every turn, keeping in mind that your opponents will do the same. Each game consists of three rounds and each type of sushi is scored differently...

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What we like the most

As in the card game, the graphics in the mobile version are charming, and the tutorial is excellent. There's more strategy to it than you might think at first; some items are only worth collecting if you do so in large quantities, while others are simply useless if you don't have a particular number of them. The game is super fun to play with friends, although you can practice first against the 'computer' if you want. It would be great if the developers could open the game up so you could play against anyone in the world, rather than it being restricted to just the people you know.

Sushi Go! has been developed by Michael Busheikin